A turn-based roguelike RPG in a proc-gen open world

Discover the world

Travel along the procedurally generated medieval island. Take quests from cities and guilds, and face the dangers of the world while watching out for your survival needs. Plan your trip for the most efficient way to complete the quests while you influence the world.

Explore for fame and glory

Delve into the procedurally generated dungeons, overworld battlemaps and other dwellings to meet the intelligent, brutal or cowardly enemies who don’t want you there.

Diverse battlemaps

Overcome the challenges and exploit the advantages of diverse battlemaps that require unique strategies each time you encounter enemies.

THAT item you need…

Find and collect THAT item you need, among the hundreds of thousands of randomly generated weapons, armor, accessories, and valuables with prefixes and suffixes (like in action RPGs). Cook food, brew potions. Develop your character and organize your belongings through a highly accessible interface tailored for PC gaming.